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The demand for my services as a performing artist evolved from playing guitar and singing in Restaurants to a number of different venues such as: Private Home parties, Birthday and Anniversary parties, Christmas parties, Wedding receptions, Festivals and Golf and Country Club events.


In order to meet this growing demand, I purchased the necessary equipment and software and set up my own home recording studio. With my ability to play Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums, I began recording the songs and building the music set lists that I needed to meet this challenge.

Before I go any further, let me say that I am NOT a KARAOKE act. In other words, I DO NOT download or buy KARAOKE tracks and sing along with them at my gigs.

Friends, all of the music that you hear when you hire me for your event is 100% totally me. In addition to playing and recording all of my own instruments, I sing the lead vocals and all the backup harmony vocals as well.

When I perform live, I remove the lead vocals and the lead acoustic guitar parts from my tracks. I sing the lead vocals, and play the lead acoustic guitar live with all the other music and background harmonies still intact. In doing so, you, the customer, get a full band sound at the cost of just one man.

On this page, you will find a few sample cover songs for your listening pleasure. Each sample song ranges from 40 to 60 seconds in duration. The samples do not represent the entire library of available songs and styles I play. They are designed to simply give you an idea of what I sound like, and the genre of songs I have available for live gigs.
So, simply click the sample song you wish to hear and enjoy.

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